What will you do if your business website is hacked?

Why Is Security So Important?

Wouldn't it be nice if the hackers actually spent their time doing something useful instead of tormenting our websites?

There 30,000 websites being hacked every day...and that number continues to grow. Every website, no matter how secure, will have an attempted hack.

Our security monitoring system utilizes "Artificial Intelligence" in which the latest hack features are analyzed when monitoring your website.

Nothing is 100% (those to tell you are being dishonest), so if something does get through to your website we will remove the malware and restore your website, if needed.

Did You Know: Hackers biggest target are small business websites.


of small business websites are attacked.


average cost to repair a malware attack on a small business.


the amount you save from having to pay for Malware Removal services if it's included in your plan (unlimited malware cleaning).


  • Malware can come in all shapes in sizes...from getting you blacklisted by search engines to making you pay money to getting access to your site (ransomware).
  • See for yourself, Google "Malware and Impact on Small Businesses"
  • We will monitor your site for any vulnerabilities and brute force attacks (e.g. hackers trying to login to your site).
  • Your website will be constantly scanned for any type of malware. Instead of just "alerting" you about it, we will remove it on the spot. This services typically costs $300+/clean up, but is included in this package.
  • While we will do our best to keep hackers from getting in and doing anything malicious with your site, nothing is 100%. That is why our plan includes malware removal and website restore (an expensive option for companies that don't have this feature).

  • Our monitoring system should work with your plugins. While there are many plugins that monitor security threats, none that we are aware of will completely remove the malware...at least without additional cost.