WP Web Scout Provides WordPress Website Security and Support

Welcome to WEB SCOUT

We need access to your website in order to start the process.

There are two simple options on how to provide access...

Option #1

You create our WordPress account

Please do the following to set up our account:

  1. Log in to your WordPress website account dashboard
  2. Select the USERS option on the left-hand side
  3. Select the ADD NEW button on top (next to Users heading)
  4. Add Support-Team@wpWebScout.com to the USERNAME and EMAIL fields
  5. Leave password field alone (it will be auto-generated)
  6. Make sure "Send new user an email..." box is CHECKED
  7. Select "ADMINISTRATOR" in the Role dropdown box
  8. Press "ADD NEW USER" button when finished

We will get the link to Support-Team@wpWebScout.com to complete setting up the account and begin work on your website.

Click on the button below to view an image of how to do this...

Option #2

We create our WordPress account (with your help)

We will need the following information to create an account on your WordPress website:

  1. URL of your website
  2. Username (must have Administrative privileges)
  3. Password

We will then create our account to begin supporting your website: Support-Team@wpWebScout.com

Please click on the secure link below to provide the information...

Next Steps...

  • We will then install a "WPWS Connector" plugin, along with other plugins based on your service plan.
  • NOTE: There is a chance we may need access to the WordPress host provider. Will let you know if that is the case.
  • Once connected, we backup your website for two days before making any changes.
  • When backups are complete, the Web Scout Team will begin securing and/or supporting your business website!

WordPress Access FAQ

  • We always create our own users so there are no password reset conflicts. 
  • Most definitely! You may either create a new account for us or you can provide us with your admin account details and we will create our own admin user account.
  • Based on our history, we have been provided the owner's admin information and use it to create our own. 
  • The first thing that will be added is the "WPWS Connector", a plugin that is required to monitor your website.
  • Other plugins will be added based on the plan you requested (e.g. Free Training Videos, Security, Performance).
  • In order to ensure optimal support, the plugins we add will be locked/hidden so that no one will be able to modify the settings of your website service (you may see them in the "must-use" and "drop-ins" plugin areas) .
  • The easiest way to see if a web page is secure is by seeing if there is a padlock symbol and/or the word "secure" on the address bar (different browsers show security differently).

FAQ not listed here?
Go here to send us a specific question.