WP Web Scout Provides WordPress Website Security and Support

Plans & Pricing

Our services allow you to spend more time running your business and less time worrying about your website.

Your Plan

  • Onboarding Wedbsite Audit
    Fees associated with setting up your website to the Web Scout server and providing a website audit to ensure it is running smoothly. Onboarding Website Audit fees may vary on plan requirements.
  • Backups
    Your WordPress website and database will be backed up on a secure cloud server.

    Click here for Website Backup details
  • WordPress Core Updates
    We will test and release the latest core updates as they are rolled out by WordPress.

    Click here for Website Update details
  • Plugin & Theme Updates
    We will test the latest plugin and theme updates to ensure they are compatible with your website before installing them.

    Click here for Website Update details
  • Plugin Vulnerability Check
    We'll look for any potential weaknesses in the website plugins that could make it easier for hackers to penetrate.

    Click here for Website Security details
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
    We constantly monitor your website to ensure it stays online.

    Click here for 24/7 Uptime Monitoring details
  • WordPress Tutorial Videos
    We will install the latest WordPress tutorial videos for you to utilize if you would like to save money and make changes on your own. Will also include training for Gutenberg (the new WordPress editor).
  • Performance Monitoring
    We will be notified if your website speed is slowing down.

    Click here for Website Performance & Speed details
  • Improve Website Speed
    People love fast websites. We will conduct ongoing performance reviews and find ways to speed up your website.

    Did our Performance Monitoring detect the site slowing down? We'll fix the issue and get your website running fast again.

    Click here for Website Performance & Speed details
  • Optimize Website
    We will look for ways to constantly optimize your website, including your website images.

    Click here for Website Performance & Speed details
  • Malware Scanning
    We will scan for any malware on your website and be alerted when it appears.

    Click here for Website Security details
  • Malware Cleanup
    We will remove any malware we find on your website (this expensive service is one of the key benefits of this package).

    Click here for Website Security details
  • Login Protection & Security
    We utilize an "Artificial Intelligence" type monitoring system that learns the lastest hacker strategies in order to prevent them from getting into to your website.

    Click here for Website Security details
  • Website Firewall
    We will incorporate an additional firewall layer to keep the hackers & bots from attacking your website.

    Click here for Website Security details
  • Support Ticket System
    A direct link to our Support Ticket area will be installed on your WordPress dashboard.
  • Customized Reports
    We will provide customized website activity reports upon request.
  • Discounted Development Work
    Need to make big changes to your business website? Our parent company, WP Website Services can do so at discounted rates.

    Discounts will vary based on the plan you're on, in addition to how long you've been with us.
Limited Spots
$99per month
  • Website security, support, and performance...we do it all!
    Most business owners/managers do not have time to focus on their website...let alone deal with hackers and performance issues. Let us handle everything while you can focus on the business.
  • Waived
    $299 fee for connector set up, website & performance audit, and security integration is waived.
  • Daily
  • Daily
  • Daily
Security Pro
$79per month
  • Keep those hackers away with this security plan.
    For the business owners/managers that don't want to worry about hackers and/or spend hundreds of dollars to remove malware.
  • Waived
    $229 fee for connector set up, website audit, and security integration is waived.
  • Daily
  • Daily
$49per month
  • For those businesses that want reliable website support.
    For business owners/managers that want to ensure their website is updated, online, and backed up in case anything happens.
  • Waived
    $149 fee for connector set up and website audit is waived.
  • Daily
  • Daily
  • $99/cleanup
    We will notify you if you website has malware and can remove it and restore your website for $99 (a 50% savings off our fee for non-members).

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We Couldn't Have Said It Better Ourselves

People we work with typically find a unique way to summarize what we do. Here are a few of the ones we captured...


"It is nice to have an on call developer handy that understands our business and website"


Well said! The benefits of having your own developer (at a low monthly cost) that understands your business and website are immeasurable. 


"We received 3 hour quotes from some companies to make changes to our site, while WP Website Services quoted just 1 hour for the same work."


Being familiarized with your website definitely helps shorten the development time on a website. We also take pride in taking out all the "fluff" on the quoted times while providing quality work for our clients.

NOTE: WP Website Services is our parent company, which design & develop WordPress websites.


"We like the free DIY videos you provided. Shows us how to handle simple website tasks, which can save us a ton of money. Nice option to have when we want to try things out."


We believe in providing you the tools so you can make changes to your own website if you so choose. No worries, we are there for you if you need help. 


 “It’s like having website insurance…not only is my site secure, they also take care of any (potential) issues so my business isn’t truly impacted”


That is a great way to look at it! While we limit the chances of a malware attack on your website from over 60% to under 1%, we remove the malware and can completely restore your website (if need be) to minimize any downtime if there is an attack.


“We don’t know much about the importance of backups, uptime, and website speed, but we learned how it can impact or client reach...and revenue...if not done correctly.”


We do our best to educate you on the ways you can improve your business by utilizing the latest website technology trends.

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