When was the last time you backed up your
business website and/or database?

Why Are Backups Important?

Think of Backups as your website's insurance. If you do only one thing to ensure your website stays online, it would be to back it up.

By backing up your website, a key component of your business, you have the ability to recover the site if it goes down or is attacked by hackers.

Without a website backup, you'll need to start from "ground zero" when recovering your site. In other words, a complete rebuild.

Did You Know: Failing to do backups are the #1 reason business owners can spend thousands of dollars on getting their website back online if something goes down.


of small businesses will suffer website data loss. Do you want to risk it?


average amount a small business will pay to recover/rebuild their website (if not backed up).

less than $0 per day

what you need to pay in order to ensure your website and database are backed up.


  • We backup the your WordPress website along with the database. The daily backups are kept in a secure cloud server (AWS). 

  • Whether you make updates to your website or not, there are still constant changes going on internally with your website. We want to ensure we have the most recent version of your website/database in the event we need to utilize a backup. 
  • Yes, send us a request and we can send you a copy of the latest backup.
  • We keep the backups for 90 days.